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Getting Rich is fun, and doing whatever your passionate about is what you'll love the most. You should always bcome rich doing the thing you love. You can become rich fast doing anything. Even if you're a simple Barber, you can become a millionaire. Just do what you love and start reading books about people who got rich. Just because you're here reading this website about making money online proves has you're already on the path to get rich fast! And I want to help you get there faster.

Selling Fake Goods On Amazon

Selling fake goods on Amazon to get rich is not legal but its a huge trend. Being a third party seller and having your products fulfilled by Amazon Prime is a way to trick unknowing customers to think that you're products are legit.

We do not recommend doing nothing illegal and we are personally very frustrated purchasing on Amazon. It seems everything we buy these past years is a fake knock-off from China.

Many Chinese millionaires have been made and are still being made this way, so we thought it worthy to mention. But the party must end sometime.


The Best Way to Make Money Online in 2018 is Flipping Domain Names

Buying and Selling Domain Names. You can get started at any price range. If you're poor you can hand register a .io name and you just may flip it for a huge 5000% profit at Then you'll have some working capital for buying some 4 letter .com's and then you should be able to double your money selling them to the Chinese who are buying them all. Once you have locked in some decent gains, you'll be able to obtain a 3 letter .com and the you could make over 100,000 on flipping that. The domain name industry is still young, it's still the new frontier and its a place to be if you want to get rich fast. If you have any questions about getting rich selling domains or if you have a domain portfolio you wish to sell, please email me, I am buying up domain names like there is no tomorrow.

Get Rich Fast Online Making Video Games

Getting rich fast online is easy if you can develop a video game. There's a huge market for Indie Game Developers. These are video games made by a single person or a small team typical made up of two people. If you love to play video games and you have an idea to create your own video games, you just might get rich selling you're own Indie Video Game like "Super Meat Boy" and once you have created the game you can profit from it for the rest of your life. We all don't have the skills to build our own game, but if you do and you need cash to get you game finished, I'd be very interested to give you the cash injection. It's a very profitable place to be right now and I'd love to get rich with you! Please contact me if you're developing an amazing video game.

Make Money Online Fast Developing App's

Money money online fast developing App's. Did you know Activison bought the company that made the app Candy Crush for 5.9 Billion? Yes, 5.9 Billion. That's not a misprint. Many think the sale was undervalued and priced the value just under 8 Billion dollars.

If you have computer coding skills or video game design skills, you're off to a great start. If you don't, then don't worry, your job will be easier marketing these products online and earning potentially more than their creators.

You can make app's for almost anything from Webdesign Software, to Calculator's, An app that helps you located the nearest and cleanest bathroom. You could even make a trivia app on the topic you love the most.


Fast Cash Developing WordPress Plugins

WordPress used to be for blogging, and now it's the number #1 ecommerce platform. Try to solve a problem or a usefull plugin and you could make millions. It's another fast way to make money online. Be sure to use good coding, nothing can ruin your reputation faster than shoddy coding that frustrates users and causes security breaches.


Fast Cash for Lawyers Jumping in on a Explosive Global Trend

They are many lawyers that want to get involved in the latest profitable sectors, and we know the largest trend that's going to make some millionaires. We have already developed and invested in this sector and we are looking to partner up with Lawyers from all around the world. If you'd like to get involved, please email me.


How to Get Rich Fast with no Skills

How to get rich fast with no programming skills is the majority of the people I help get rich. The people that are already programmers are usually already rich, or on their way to reach that goal, or they don't desire to become rich and they are happy with a decent paycheck and a 9-5 job.


If you're still in school, then please focus your studies on computer languages. Robots with Artificial Intellegence are going to be the future and they're not going to need workers on an assembly line. Robots will be built by other robots. Parts won't even need delivery drivers as almost everything needed will be printed by a robot using a 3D-Printer. And for the supplies needed for the 3-D-Printers, the trucks will be driverless, using computers to get the supplies delivered "Just In Time" maximizing wharehouse space and profits. If you're a taxi driver or a truck driver, you better get some new skills if you want a comfortable life in the near future. Driverless cars are coming sooner than you think.


Your Chances Of Success Are Greater If You're and American

America is the greatest country in the world and it's the best place to get rich fast. It's in their mind set. Americans are the greatest people in the world. They love to take risk and they love to make it big. If you're American, you're already genetically coded to be rich. Our ancestors left Europe hundreds of years ago. Our ancestors were risk takers, leaving their homes, country and families behind to come to the new frontier to get rich. This risk taking is in your DNA.


If you're more of a people person, you can also stay home and conduct business on video calls or phone calls. For those of you that need to be in physical contact with people to be happy, you may find this website helpful, but we're focused on helping people get rich fast by making money online.

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