Don’t Spend Money Like A Fool And Get Rich Fast

Don’t Spend Money Like A Fool And Get Rich Fast. A fool and his money is soon parted, even if he has very little to be parted with. I hate it when stupid people spend their money on stupid junk. Smart people invest in every purchase. Stupid people buy crap that falls apart of junk they don’t need.

I was lucky my parents taught me that if you’re going to buy something, but it forever. If you’ve ever bought cheap sandles at the dollar store or a cheap screw driver that is good for 10 uses people the tip vanishes then you being stupid wth your money. If you’re going to buy sandles, buy a well made pair that will last for 10 years. If you’re going to buy a screwdriver, buy one from from durable metal that will last so long you can pass it down to your children and their children. I see so many stupid people buy 2 pairs of sandles each year @$1 each. Why not buy a pair for $10 that last for 10 years. Thier more comfortable on your feet, you’ll suffer less knee pain when you get older and you’ll save $5 that you can reinvest and grow. I never think about it as $5 I’m saving, because if I invest that $5 today, I can grow that $5 into $200. So When I make a decision to make a purchase, I think about having that $200 in future instead of saving a few dollars today. This is the mond set of the rich, so make sure you don’t spend money like a fool and get rich fast.


dont spend money like a fool

Don’t Spend Money Like A Fool And Get Rich Fast

The same goes for shoes. Did you know a well made pair of shoe’s will last you over 25 years. They’ll keep you looking sharp as well. And stupid people that buy throw away furniture from that Swedish store, what a waste of your income. Buy solid wood that won’t fall apart and will stay in you’re family for generations. There is no reason you should bb buying new dressers, cabinets and coffee tables every few years when they fall apart. Everytime you make a purchase make sure you decide to buy quality the first time. If you can’t afford to buy everything in solid wood, buy a single peice at a time. Go without the fall apart crap until you save enough to buy it right the first time.


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