Get Rich Trading Crypto Currencies

There’s never been a better time to get rich trading crypto currencies. If you think you’re too late buying Bitcoin to get rich, don’t fret. You don’t need to buy to get rich quick. You can also sell crypto-currencies to get rich quick.

Get Rich Quick Trading Crypto Currencies

You can get rich shorting (selling short) Bitcoin. Usuallu when things trade in a volatile manner, there’s a possibility to make more money. At the end of 2017 bit coins were trading close to 20,000 each, a psychological number. And even though bit coins can go much higher, I wouldn’t personally buy at 20,000. It’s a good time to place a trade on the short side.

Get Rich Crypto Currencies

Short Selling BitCoin to Get Rich Quick

Short Selling Bitcoin to Get Rich Quick

Short selling Bitcoin. I couldn’t pick the exact top, but shorting 1000 bit coin at $18,402 mid December and buying back at $11,083 was a profit of well over 7 million dollars. You can see the bullish tails on 10th, 2017, so this would be a dangerous time to sell short. I also don’t like buying bullish tails when the chart has already run up. I’m looking to make money when I see bearish signals. Just look where I circled in red. Dec 17th you’ll see  breakdown in the chart. There’s a trade below the low of the previous red candle. The on the day you cover your short, you’ll see the huge spike in volume (red bar that shoots above). This signals a trend reversal and a perfect time to exit your trade. You can’t pick the exact top or bottom, but making over 7 million in about a week is awesome.

Help Trading Crypto Currencies

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