Make Millions Flipping Domain Names

Make millions flipping domain names and work from anywhere in the world, even if the internet connection is slow. You’ll still be able to buy and sell domain names and make skype video calls with buyers and sellers even if you only get 5MB/min download speeds.

But be careful on where you live unless you speak Chinese as most buyers will be from the Western World, so it’s better to work the same working hours as American’s do. If you’re a night hawk, then you can live in Singapore and work the Asian markets when you wake up at noon, then Europe and UK as they begin to wake up, and finish your evening working the USA market.


Make Millions Selling Domain Names


You can make some real money fast, flipping domains and you should be able make drastically more as you build relationships with other domainers. It’s best to focus on a sector if you first building up your own portfolio. Domain names also make a great investment for the long term.

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