Make Millions Making Movies

Make millions making movies. We all have led interesting lives and we should be able to come up with enough idea’s and content to make at east one movie. Even done on a shoestring budget, you can make a movie and it can gain a cult following that can bring you millions.

There was this amazing movie called El Mariachi, it has a huge cult following and made tons of money. The total cost to produce this movies was only $7000 US Dollars. It brought in over 2 Millions British Pounds just from the box office.


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Make Millions Making Movies

You can make a heck lot more than a million dollars, you can make millions making movies. A well organized movie production can be completely in month’s and the cult following can occur immediately or even years later, so make sure you never sell away your rights to the movie so you’ll be collecting money from your production for the rest of your years.

You can be any age to make a movie. I bet you some parents ar gping to help their children as young as 5 years old produce a movie released for other children. Teens can make their movie like The Blair Witch Project, a school assignment turned into a successful film with a large cult following. It grossed $248.6 million worldwide.

Napoleon Dynamite is a 2004 cult movie that before its cult status only made $400,000. After the cult publicity, it made over $45 Million and counting. We can all produce something amazing if we put our time and efforts into it and do our best. It’s a fast way to make millions, making movies.

The original Mad Max production cost was $200,000 Dollars and it went on to make 100 Million at the box office. Now that there are many sequels to Mad Max, the income far exceeds the box office numbers.

So no matter what you’re budget is, its possible to make millions making movies. A typical movie is 90 minutes long and a screen play is typically 90 pages long. Each page represents 1 minute of screen time. If you’re creative and you have an amazing idea for a movie, please contact me, maybe we can make millions in the movie industry together.



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